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Where the world meets DevOps
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    In his post “DevOps developers; don´t be a DevGoof” on Parker Yates pointed out, that developers have to become more social. Devs should better realize that they need to become a normal part of the business social structure. That is really true and extremely necessary to make DevOps more efficient. But is this the whole truth? And who is responsible for the social structures and the relationships? First let´s have a look at the devs. For me as a consultant working with people from IT I always get the impression that developers are creating a cult in being a “nerd”. They use being “nerds” as an excuse for not being compatible with the “others”! To be honest, this is a very cheap way of remaining within their own comfort zones! But perhaps we should take some time to ask for the “why?”! Developers are human beings, too. As is the case for all human beings, there is always a reason, why someone acts and behaves the way they do!...

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    Communication is everywhere and it is far more than only the spoken word and its origin meaning. Communication is one of the most complex and also complicated topics in human relationships: most of the time very thrilling, sometimes frightening but always important! As we all grew up with communication, you might think, we should be used to communicating very well. But daily life shows us that misunderstanding is the companion of communication. We all know from our own experience how hard it is to clear up such misunderstandings and how much precious time is wasted on them! The more people with different personalities are trying to communicate with each other, the higher the probability of misunderstandings. To take a closer look at all those cross-functional teams like devops or agile scrum teams you will recognize at once that there are lots of individual issues because of misunderstandings in every team. Each single issue on its own is disrupting daily work, something we all know from personal experience. Now try to...

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    Deciding on two separate teams, or an integrated end-to-end team While a lot has been said about “the right way” to do DevOps, what we’re seeing in practice are two different approaches being tried to enable development and operations to work together as a team. On the one hand, there’s the approach to create an end-to-end, integrated development team, which you might call ‘Devops’. On the other, there’s ‘DevOps’, featuring two development teams – one working on application code, with another developing a platform using Infrastructure as Code techniques in a virtualized environment. DevOps: providing a platform Perhaps the most obvious way to go is to have a platform team to provide a runtime environment that “just works”, and a separate application team that develops the business logic to run on the platform. For some organizations, particularly where one of the teams is outsourced, this separation is going to make more sense. You might buy an off-the-shelf product, build your own platform in-house (which seems to be what many organizations...

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    DevOps is about a few things but above all, it’s about communication and understanding each other. In that spirit, I decided to create a new day to celebrate: “Like your colleagues’ day”. The rules are simple: The first rule of like your colleagues’ day is: You do not talk about Fight… Each year, on the last Thursday before summer (Thursday the 18th of June this year). Thursdays are ideal days to make people happy since they’re right before the week-end but not totally there. Right before the summer as it’s all sunny and nice outside. Present a token of your affection to your dear colleagues. Remember, it is a token, not a romantic dinner for 2 in a 3 stars restaurant in Paris. It could be anything from a rose to a beer after work or anything that makes sense to you and the person who receives the gift. Since DevOps is all about loving each other, the day is called “colleagueS’ day”, meaning that you should make as many...

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    To better the communication between people in tech teams is one important issue in daily work. Although we all grew up with communication from our early childhood on, we know, that communication often fails. But what do we all do about this discrepancy? Why do we accept eyes wide open these frequently painful failures? Why don´t we really care about misunderstandings and their consequences? Are we all Masters of Disaster? The answer is: Communication is a very complex topic on both sides of the game – on the sender´s side as well as on the receiver´s. To get aware of what is going wrong in our communication we have to do some very hard stuff: self-reflexion (which is indeed sometimes painful and hard to bear), changing familiar behaviors and leaving the comfort zone. This is really hard work besides all the tasks of our daily job! Additionally to a strong will, we need persistence, patience and most of the time aid from the outside to be successful in changing our...

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  • 10/27/15--01:12: DevOps Must Also Mean OpsDev
  • Why DevOps Communications Need to Be a Two-Way Street Today, mobile apps have become one of the most important components of brand awareness and opinion. Often considered a company’s “front door,” a mobile app is an important way for consumers to directly interact with a brand, so it’s key for organizations to deliver high-performing, feature-rich user experiences right from the start. The margin for error is low – according to industry statistics, 79 percent of end users will only retry an app once or twice if it fails to work the first time, and only 16 percent report they will give it more than two attempts. With these requirements in mind, the role of an organization’s development team is more important than ever. In today’s hypercompetitive market, organizations must get applications to market as soon as possible, without compromising functionality and end-user performance. This has led to the emergence of DevOps, a new approach to software development emphasizing greater collaboration, agility and speed across the entire software development continuum –...

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    Effective collaboration is imperative to DevOps success. DevOps has many moving pieces working simultaneously and things happen fast, making it crucial that teams and individuals have an easy way to communicate and keep everyone on the same page. Wake is a collaboration tool that may help you do just that. “Collaboration across the enterprise is […]

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    We know enterprises are embracing messaging apps and incorporating so-called “ChatOps” into their workflow. ChatOps is, potentially, a powerful way to facilitate more swift decision-making and problem-solving and to receive quick, expert guidance. “With the rise of cloud services that can be easily deployed, and increased awareness and importance given to productivity and collaboration within […]

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    I’m a technologist turned into a word person. For those of you who know me, I started as a developer, learned ops and security as it was needed, and eventually my love of talking about technology lead me to writing, tech marketing and evangelism. I still develop, though; I can’t stop that—it’s kind of a […]

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    “The Six Million Dollar Man” was a 1970s TV series. In the show, NASA astronaut Colonel Steve Austin is severely injured in a crash and is “rebuilt” with bionic features that enhance his strength, speed and vision beyond normal human capabilities. The main tagline was, “We can rebuild him, we have the technology.” I recently […]

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    The way we communicate with the world has changed drastically in the last 20 years. Gone are the days of pen and paper, lengthy phone calls and, to a certain extent, even emails. Gone are the days of needing to have your entire team under one roof to accomplish anything. Gone are the days of […]

    The post Communicating and Collaboration in a Digital Age appeared first on

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    If “Dev” and “Ops” are the power couple of tech, “DevOps” is the holy matrimony that takes innovation from trainwreck to fast and repeatable. At most businesses, however, Dev and Ops still sleep in separate rooms and agree only on their mutual contempt. Dev (Development) and Ops (IT Operations) usually are divorced or ready to […]

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    Too often, when enterprise folks talk with DevOps aficionados, we get a loud chorus of “Culture Change” and “Take down the silos,” and frankly that scares any sane enterprise IT person. Not because they fear change, but because they fear that those of us who are fans of end-to-end DevOps have no clue what we’re […]

    The post It’s About Communication, not Silos appeared first on

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    It’s the late 1940s and the automobile industry is just taking off. You run one of the product marketing teams at Chrysler. Wanting to make the best of an exploding market, your marketing team says, “You’ll drive 1,200 times as much with the new Chrysler Windsor!” Of course, that advertising never makes it to the […]

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    DevOps has become a widely popular method of collaboration in the IT world. The combination of development, operations and quality assurance, DevOps requires every project have clear communication channels between development teams and individuals. In this article, we’re going to explore some of the best practices for internal communication within the DevOps structure. Software development […]

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    There is an analogy for IT being like a car and it often goes something like this: IT should run like a well-oiled machine. I don’t get in my car and think about how it works, I just work some controls and it does what I need it to and it goes where I need it […]

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